As a leading acoustical ceiling contractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our team is trained and ready to assist from the design process to the final touches on the installation.

In the world of ceilings, there is a lot to understand. Integrated Interiors is an acoustical ceiling contractor known for our installation of unique and complex ceiling designs. Our project experience will support that Integrated Interiors is the right contractor for your next project. From CAC to NRC to STC, we know what you need and can
get the job done right.

We take the time to educate ourselves on these products so we can better serve the end user.
As an acoustical ceiling contractor, we see the industry is changing quickly.
Product catalogs are growing in size every year.

We stay current on the new materials, finishes, and installation methods that are constantly being developed and presented.

We understand the requirement to work with the design team to develop creative solutions to get the job done.

With a rich history of providing quality work as an acoustical ceiling contractor, we understand every project has unique situations that need to be analyzed. Our team will help find the right solution that keeps the project in budget and on time.

Integrated Interiors, Inc. is constantly working with our partners to ensure we are on the front lines of installation methods and products.

Not only do we participate in the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI) and the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA), we have also been honored with several awards of excellence in construction for completed projects.

Acoustical Ceiling Contractor

Whenever there are repetitive scenarios with enough scale, we find ways to prefabricate.

Prefabrication is not a new concept for our team. We’re not here to push prefabrication where it does not belong but to embrace it and work with the project team to prefabricate when it can benefit everyone involved.

In a recent project we completed in West Texas, we assisted the design team with finalizing the construction details for their main ceiling, produced shop drawings, prefabricated all the ceiling elements in our Dallas/Fort Worth warehouse, then shipped and assembled onsite. This example is one of many that has led us to a safer, cleaner working environment where overall value was added.

You can count on our knowledge and experience to provide a quality installation.

Acoustical & Specialty Ceilings in a Medical Facility done by Integrated Interiors Inc.

Hospital work can present a challenging set of opportunities that require additional planning and creativity. The congested plenums and systems complexities can make standard details obsolete.

Our collective knowledge and experience working with products and installation methods that reduce the amount of vertical framing obstructions without compromising a solid installation.

Time is taken to understand the end use of an area and provide materials that are appropriate whether that be specialty nonmagnetic grid, washable surfaces, high humidity or fire rated materials.

Contact us with any questions about our metal framing, commercial drywall, acoustical or special ceiling installation.