Integrated Interiors, Inc. is a leading metal framing and commercial drywall contractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. From the initial layout to the last piece of drywall, we provide a timely and quality installation, giving our partners a building that will stand the test of time.

We specialize in installing commercial metal stud framed partitions, in-wall insulation and drywall, employing only the highest trained installers and field supervisors to ensure a quality project every time.

We pride ourselves in taking the right amount of time to estimate the project the way it needs to be built.
All construction documents and specifications are thoroughly reviewed during the preconstruction process. We review all limiting heights technical charts and current standards, and we work with our Professional Engineers to provide the utmost quality and confidence in the proposals we submit.

Our team has undergone many hours of training and continuing education to stay on top of industry changes. It is a job site standard to participate in pull plan scheduling, lean practices and just-in-time deliveries.

Our company as a whole embraces proven technology, making us a top metal framing and commercial drywall contractor in Dallas/Fort Worth.

During the preconstruction process, we coordinate with the architect and project team to provide BIM Coordination, 3D modeling and clash detection.

During a recent project, we provided models of exterior framing and roof trusses for BIM coordination and clash detection between all trades. During this process, multiple clashes were discovered and corrections were made to the design of the project saving time and rework in the field.

When a project can benefit from robotic layout due to complexity, Integrated is the metal framing and commercial drywall contractor in Dallas/Fort Worth with the equipment and experience. During a recent project, all radius and complex wall layout was performed robotically with complete accuracy and efficiency.

Commercial Drywall and Metal Framing Contractors Dallas/Fort Worth

From roof trusses to wall panels to bathroom pods, we have the experience to prefabricate many elements of the building.

Prefabrication is beneficial to a project when there are repetitive scenarios with enough scale.

We have been prefabricating framing elements and incorporating this into our work since the early 1990’s, helping our partners to conquer a demanding construction schedule and provide a safer working environment.

We work with the project team to find opportunities for prefabrication that add value to the project.

Commercial Drywall and Metal Framing Contractors Dallas/Fort Worth


Prefabrication has allowed us to meet a very demanding schedule on many projects we’ve completed.

In a recently completed project, we prefabricated all exterior walls with openings, taking into account construction imperfections and variances. In this example, when the concrete shoring was removed, the prefabricated exterior wall elements were installed allowing the installation of sheathing to immediately follow.

For any questions about our metal framing and commercial drywall services or additional information, please feel free to contact us.