As a top full service metal framing, commercial drywall and acoustical ceiling contractor in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Integrated Interiors, Inc. is ready to meet the needs of our customers. We provide the services below as well as project management, full time field supervision and custom fabrications.
Pre-Construction Services

Integrated offers complete budgeting and estimating services performed digitally using The Edge estimating software. During the budgeting process, value engineering options are analyzed and provided for cost savings. Prior to construction, Integrated offers Professional Engineer Stamped Shop Drawings.
Exterior Light Gauge Metal Framing

Using the latest tools and technology, our skilled labor force will complete every project with unparalleled execution. From light gauge to heavy, we will get the job done. We also provide Professional Engineered shop drawings and calculations.
Glass-Fiber Reinforced Panels (GFRG)

From simple column covers to decorative and intricate designs we will provide shop drawings, delivery, coordination and installation.
Specialty Wall Protection

Furnish and install handrails, crash rails, chair rails and corner guards as well as door frame and door protection.
Doors, Frames, Hardware and Specialty Items

We have the experience to furnish and install many types of frames and doors from basic office function to specialized lead lined hospital doors.
Field Technology

Our workforce utilizes equipment with the latest hardware, software and mobile time management systems.
BIM Technology

Utilizing BIM technology, Integrated Interiors is able to assist the project team with clash detection, detail origination, robotic layout, and coordination of work between all trades.
Exterior Light Gauge Metal Trusses

In addition to installation, we provide Engineered shop drawings and calculations for all project trusses, rafters, and metal decking.
Prefabrication Assemblies

Integrated has the experience and capabilities to provide exterior wall panels, prefabricated light coves and pockets, trusses, beams, ceiling elements, bathroom pods, or any other elements that are repetitive with scale and can improve the schedule and provide a safer working environment. We can furnish shop drawings and models to coordinate with the entire project team to ensure a smooth delivery and installation.
Shaft Walls

Whether it is paper-faced or glass-mat material for renovation work or new construction shafts built prior to building dry-in, we have the experience. We have the know-how to work with pressurized shafts, cant strips, call buttons, etc.
Miscellaneous Wood, Plywood and Metal Blocking/Backing

We provide in-wall wood and metal blocking for millwork, cabinets, wall mounted items, handrails, IT/media equipment, curtain tracks, and other various items as required by the construction documents
Selective Demolition

We provide selective demolition services on an as needed basis for our clients as requested during remodel/renovation projects.
Exterior Sheathing – Thermal and Glass-Mat

From glass-mat exterior sheathing board and continuous insulation (ci) exterior sheathing products to the latest in material technologies, Integrated can deliver.
Fiber Reinforced Panels (FRP)

Integrated Interiors provides installation of an assortment of wall protection in kitchens, service areas, janitorial areas, restrooms, and any other high traffic area where there is a requirement for high durability or sanitary wall panels. The demand is increasing and we have the personnel to install solid surface seamless panels.
Batt & Rigid Insulation

We can provide a large variety of batt and rigid insulation. We stay current with environmental issues concerning urea formaldehyde. We can work with the design team to select the best products.
LEED / Green Building Practices

With LEED AP Professionals on staff, we are able to assist in the LEED Certification process.
For any questions on the services listed above or additional information, please feel free to contact us.