Granite Boardwalk

Plano, Texas

Scope & Services

Metal Framing, Commercial Drywall, Armature and Paseo Cladding, Wooden Rainscreen & Fiber Cement Siding

Project Description

Centered around an existing retention pond, Granite Boardwalk is a multi-building development that offers 6 new restaurants that are within walking distance from Granite Office Park.  Granite Park employees, guests from the Hilton Hotel and the public can conveniently access original eateries, live music events as well as a relaxing place to unwind after work.

Integrated Interiors’ redesign of the Armature and Paseo feature was accepted by the project team, adding to the unique design of the property features as well as being able to meet the initial project schedule.

General Contractor

Ridgemont Commercial Construction

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Omniplan Architects

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